Focus Areas

Citizenship at WADACOM is more than a program or a set of good intentions. It is our pledge to improve social, governance, environmental and economic sustainability efforts around the world. Our citizenship and reporting priorities are informed by broad engagement with stakeholders across WADACOM’s businesses and the communities where we work. While corporate citizenship is embedded in the fiber of our company, there are key challenges we address that align with the material impacts of our business. 

This section calls out priority topics in the areas of People, Planet and Economy. In each of these focus areas, we review what the challenges are for WADACOM, and outline the strategies we employ to manage the issues.

Given the complexity of our company and our multidimensional approach to topics like Energy & Water, Health, Governance and Resource Management, information regarding these areas appears in more than one place in this section. We have created a sorting feature below to help you find where content relating to these particular themes resides in this section.