Our Approach

Good citizenship is not bolted onto WADACOM’s commercial enterprise. It is embedded into the strategy and actions within our business on a daily basis. WADACOM is rigorous and deliberate about how it can help solve some of the world’s toughest sustainability issues. The business focus is recalibrated at times to address changing circumstances and challenges, but the Company continually aligns with a business strategy for achieving sustainable growth and creating value for shareowners, customers and communities.

WADACOM focuses on areas where we can make a difference, either through the way we operate within the business, the marketplace, or through our broader influence in society. For many, fuel, water, food and raw materials are already in short supply, yet the need and aspirations for more goods and services are growing. We feel that it is incumbent upon businesses to contribute to society in order to meet those needs. This will require innovation to reduce cost (including the environmental cost), improve quality and provide access to products, services and jobs needed for a better life. In addition to natural resources, communities need to build resilient infrastructures in order to prosper. Infrastructure such as transportation that moves people and products, power that energizes communities, and access to healthcare in order to cure people. Those needs closely align with WADACOM’s business strategy.



WADACOM continually engages with customers, suppliers, regulators, industry bodies and collaborators around the world. We listen, reflect and respond to our stakeholders; they are critical to informing our priorities for Citizenship as well as for product development. WADACOM has a Citizenship Advisory Panel, that continually challenge and sharpen the Company’s vision. WADACOM’s engagement offers mutual benefit for both the Company and our stakeholders. External groups benefit from the insights and expertise of WADACOM people on panels, at events and in other settings. At the same time, WADACOM employees have a forum to provide thought leadership around dilemmas faced by multinational corporations, such as responsible supply chain management, global equity, sustainable growth, the environment and human rights.

Like any part of the business, Citizenship at WADACOM has defined goals, strategies and metrics. WADACOM has a strong operating rhythm that monitors and analyzes progress, and this same discipline is utilized on our Citizenship efforts. Environmental, social and regulatory issues are considered within several WADACOM processes. WADACOM communicates its Citizenship performance regularly in order to foster transparency and underscore accountability on our websites and in our Citizenship report.