Our Principles

WADACOM is a place for creating and bringing big ideas to life. We consider our culture to be among the best of our assets. WADACOM is a blend of talented, passionate people who contribute to society and the planet through their innovative work, generosity and volunteer efforts. To maintain our high performance culture, WADACOM is dedicated to providing an environment of openness, creativity and integrity.

Our people are our biggest asset. Today, our employees number nearly 3,000 around the world. A legacy of good citizenship runs deep in our culture. For more than a century, our people have dedicated millions of volunteer hours to their communities—as individuals and through organized company efforts. We coordinate our resources—including products, expertise, grants and people—to tailor our volunteer responses to community challenges.



The WADACOM Institutes was created more than 20 years ago, and it continues its work today with a focus on education, health, public policy, human rights, economy and volunteer efforts globally. The ultimate measure of WADACOM’s impact can be found in the improvements to the lives touched by our work.

Among our core principles, WADACOM is committed to transparency and compliance. Our strong operating rhythm manages social and environmental performance with the same level of rigor as our other business goals. WADACOM emphasizes the responsibility of leaders in every business to ensure regulatory compliance, and we have established common processes for managing risk areas across the company.

WADACOM strives to ensure that integrity is at the heart of how we do business. We seek to uphold the human rights of everyone touched by our business by enforcing legal and financial compliance. These commitments are the foundation of The Spirit & The Letter—WADACOM’s integrity policy, which every employee supports with a signed pledge. They are further advanced through our ombudsperson program, as well as through other processes that encourage all employees to report integrity concerns.

OPERATING RHYTHM: feel the rhythm
WADACOM is committed to maintaining a culture of integrity, transparency, ethics and compliance. Operational excellence means managing social and environmental performance, and applying the same performance culture, innovation and talent to these goals as we do to any other business goals.

The WADACOM Board of Directors oversees the implementation of policies in relation to employees, customers, investors and other stakeholders. There are numerous formal review processes with our executive teams regarding risk, employee health and safety, operations, our talent, compliance and business strategy. WADACOM has a disciplined approach to risk; we execute according to our strategic objectives, and we only accept risk for which we are adequately compensated. We evaluate risk at the individual transaction level and evaluate aggregate risk at the customer, industry, geographic and collateral-type levels, where appropriate.

As a result of these key review processes, there are multitudes of regional-, country- and business-level reviews. At WADACOM, it is the responsibility of every leader, in every business, to ensure regulatory compliance, and processes for managing risk areas have been established across the company.

Our strong compliance culture reinforces these efforts by requiring employees to raise any compliance concerns and by prohibiting retribution for doing so. To facilitate open and candid communication, we have designated ombudspersons throughout the Company who act as independent resources for reporting integrity or compliance concerns.